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Thermal Management

Passive and active thermal management for your high dissipative components.

Fire Detection

Sensors for fire detection. The system can predict that a fire is about to start and warns you before it's to late.


Sensor development the way you want it.


Conductive and non-conductive adhesives, UV-curable adhesives, coatings and much more.


APR Technologies aims to be a customer oriented, well renomated company in an open and collaborative environment.

Facilities and Equipment

Besides our 600m2 facilities where we have a 80m2 cleanroom, 20m2 electronics lab and a 140m2 mechanical workshop with advanced fluidic, electric manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing, cnc laser welding and characterization equipment, we work close to academia and have access to several clean rooms such as the Micro Structure Laboratory ​where a wide range of advanced materials analysis is conducted in the micro- and nanotechnology field.


What we do

You as a customer are always the most important for us.

We want to simplify your business, your delivery and your life. By active listening and open communication we offer you the solution you are looking for. To be able to give you the most suitable help according to what is important to you (it can be price, time, quality, reporting etc.), we are flexible and we carefully listen to your demands, time plan and budget. We work open and honest at your side and we always strive to achieve a satisfied customer. We believe that a satisfied customer is a good customer!


Our expertise is and we offer to you: 
PRODUCTS and CONSULTANCY SERVICES within Thermal Management such as Chip Cooling and Interfaces, Fire Detection, Analog Electronics, Simulations and Microfluidics. We also offer Product development services and customized products where we have our own product development “step-by-step” procedure to follow.


We are currently developing the following products:



APRtec is pursuing cooperation projects with universities, research institutes, and other industrial companies. There are several alternatives setting up cooperation projects and we are open for different types of research and product development projects.

 If you search for High-Tech SME partner to a proposal for EU-FP7, EU-Horizon 2020, ESA or similar, and think we can help you in the project, do not hesitate to contact us!

Examples of what we can support you in:

-          Sensor integration and readout

-          Thermal management including miniature cooling system

-          Advanced assemblies for small systems or components

-          We can also help you to realize your product development


Contact us by email: info@aprtec.com