APR Technologies demonstrates a modular long-life lithium ion battery system with extremely high volume density

May 11, 2022 | Battery Packs, News, Press release | 0 comments

Enköping, Sweden, 11th May 2022

APR Technologies is launching a new project that will directly impact the transition to a fossil-free transport system. This project demonstrates a modular long-life lithium ion battery system that increases performance and lifetime of the complete battery module. It is a pilot series for industrial production and will verify the productivity of the battery module.

During this project, APR Technologies will manufacture and merge a number of pilot modules for a battery pack and use it in relevant applications.

The Swedish Energy Agency sees the positive capabilities of the battery system’s increased service life, including reduced raw material consumption, lower energy use, better efficiency, and decreased waste – all of which directly impact the transition to a fossil-free transport system.

What makes APR Technologies’ solutions unique is the combination of optimized direct cooling with a biodegradable coolant and active electronics control. Direct cooling enables a high level of safety during high-charging speeds > 3C (10-20 min charging time) with accurate and even temperature control of the whole battery module (both for cooling and heating). This is essential for fast charging and also improves the battery cell life.

This direct cooling technology also enables the battery pack to be thermally insulated. Since heating and cooling can be controlled, the thermal insulation facilitates cold starts, saves energy and leads to longer intervals between charges. The battery management system monitors and transfers energy between cells, thereby keeping the cells in optimal balance throughout the complete operating cycle, so that the cell with the lowest charge is supplied with a new charge, and no longer limits the functioning of the battery.

These battery packs are believed to be suitable for electric vehicles as well as supportive energy storage during power peaks. Optimized direct cooling and battery management systems enable increased performance in terms of charge speed, power, reliability, range and lifetime of electric vehicle batteries. This increased performance will help the conversion to fossil-free vehicles, fossil-free cities, sustainable infrastructure, and reduced pollution in land and marine environments.

A significant improvement of the lifetime of lithium-ion batteries leads to environmental benefits in the form of correlative reduction in raw material consumption (mining of new raw material as well as recycled metals), reduced need for service/replacement, reduced recycling (thus reduced energy consumption) and reduced waste.


For more information, contact: 

Peter Nilsson, CEO 



About APR Technologies:

APR Technologies was founded in 2011 and is a global supplier of leading edge solutions for thermal management on systems ranging from industrial applications to spacecrafts. The headquarters is located in Enköping, Sweden, one hour drive from Arlanda airport and the Swedish capital, Stockholm. APR Technologies’ American partner is located in Seattle, Washington.

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