APR Technologies launches battery project to improve energy storage through peak shaving

Feb 14, 2023 | Battery Packs, News | 0 comments

As part of a joint customer project, APR Technologies will develop and verify its unique and powerful battery pack technology for use in fast peak shaving.
“With the ongoing energy situation, it has become increasingly important to make energy consumption more efficient. Through peak shaving, you can regulate the load on the power grid and cut the peaks,” says Peter Nilsson, CEO at APR Technologies.

Peak shaving is a technique used to limit the maximum load on the electricity grid when it is most strained. This is done by temporarily reducing the total load by using energy storage or regulating the use of electrical devices. Peak shaving is important to ensure efficient and stable delivery of electrical energy, while reducing costs of both electricity production and distribution.

According to Robert Thorslund, co-founder of APR Technologies, there is an increasing need to streamline energy consumption, and APR is well-positioned to meet this demand by developing and verifying its peak shaving battery pack technology.

“Because peak shaving facilitates the use of wind and solar energy, while also contributing to lower costs for energy consumers, we are convinced that the increased interest and demand will continue for the foreseeable future.”

APR Technologies has developed a battery pack with optimized liquid cooling technology, with higher power performance than traditional batteries, which means that fewer cells are required to achieve the same level of performance. This makes the battery pack smaller and cheaper, while also contributing to increased reliability and reducing the risk of thermal runaway.

APR’s new battery pack has advantages in terms of lifespan and resource use compared to traditional lithium variants, which makes it not only environmentally friendly, but also optimal for fast peak shaving.

“More even distribution and better control of the temperature ensures a long lifespan for the cells. Our solution simply makes the batteries more efficient and easier to recycle”, says Peter Nilsson, CEO at APR Technologies.

As part of the project, APR Technologies will commercialize its battery module technology for peak shaving, as well as test and verify the product together with the customer, who will provide expertise in peak shaving and support for business development.

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