Meet the APR team – Björn Hagman

Feb 7, 2023 | Meet the APR team, News | 0 comments

Within our concept “Meet the APR team”, APR Technologies employees get to share their experiences, knowledge and trend research within their field of work.
Here you get to meet Björn Hagman, Senior Project Manager!

Hello, Björn! Tell us a little about yourself and your background.
I am an engineer in Materials Engineering and started my employment at APR Technologies in 2014, coming from a company manufacturing flash x-ray systems. In 2014, we were only 5 people at APR, and I have been involved in shaping the company, which has been both challenging and fun. I also have experience from the medical technology industry, which has been very useful in my work at APR Technologies.

What is your field and role at APR Technologies?
I hold several roles at APR Technologies, a couple of my main ones are certified laser welder and facility manager. My laser welding working mostly involves programming, because the welding is performed by a CNC welding robot that works automatically. When we design new products, it takes a long time to program it and find the right settings that give the best weld results. I also work with analysing welding depth and verifying that the welds do not contain any pores. I laser weld materials like stainless steel and titanium.

The workload as facility manager varies over time. Right now, we are in an expansion phase, and I spend a lot of time designing and building one new clean room for battery module assembly and a new lab for testing of heat dissipating electronics.

Considering APR Technologies’ ongoing expansion phase, do you see any particularly interesting developments in your field of work in the coming years?
Practicing laser welding relies heavily on continuity and accuracy. It is very important to have the same result every time you run the welding machine, therefore laser welding rarely sees trends or major changes. However, it is likely that I will get several new products to weld in the coming years, and will need to add new fixtures or other tools to the machine.

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