Meet the APR team – Rikard Wildare

Mar 16, 2022 | Meet the APR team, News | 0 comments

Within our concept “Meet the APR team”, APR Technologies employees get to share their experiences, knowledge and trend research within their field of work.
First out is Rikard Wildare, R&D Engineer in APR’s battery section!


Hello Rikard, tell us a little about yourself and your background.
– I first came in contact with APR Technologies when I participated in the world’s first electric boat fair in Stockholm, where I was showing my family’s hybrid boat. After that, I was offered a job in APR’s battery department and started on January 1, 2022. My interest in technology and electronics has been with me all my life and has made me practical and passionate about creating, building and realizing technical ideas. I have studied data and electronics and spent more than 20 years as an IT consultant at companies such as Microsoft.

– At the same time as I was working in IT, I devoted myself to electrify cars, boats and building hydrofoil boards. It started as a hobby and has grown into a passionate interest. Over the years, I have acquired significant knowledge regarding electrification, battery technology and the components that are part of a functioning system.

Describe your field of work and your role at APR Technologies
– Within our battery section, I am involved in designing, developing and testing our products. This job suits me perfectly because it’s a good mix of theory and practical, hands-on, work. In addition to development, I also work closely with new and existing customers, and represent APR Technologies’ battery section at seminars and trade fairs.

– By applying the deep collective knowledge and experience in space technology and thermal management, APR Technologies has created a battery solution that is optimized down to the tiniest detail. This means that performance and efficiency are at the forefront.

What do you see as trends in your specific area right now? What will the development look like in the coming years?
– I see a widespread need for more efficient battery solutions in most markets. It’s about everything from longevity to performance and price. A lot is happening in the battery market today, but we have currently reached a peak in terms of performance for stable, accessible and affordable cells. In order to meet the market requirements with today’s available battery chemistries, high-level innovation is required. This is exactly what APR Technologies offers!

– Looking to the future, I am sure that the development of new batteries will continue. Regardless of the chemistries and technologies, APR Technologies’ thermal management solutions will be an accelerator in terms of performance, safety and efficiency.

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