Meet the APR team – SaraMi Liljeholm

Nov 11, 2022 | Meet the APR team, News | 0 comments

Within our concept “Meet the APR team”, APR Technologies employees get to share their experiences, knowledge and trend research within their field of work.
Now it’s time to meet SaraMi Liljeholm, Goldsmith & Project Manager!

Please tell us a little about yourself and your background.
I have a journeyman’s certificate in the goldsmith’s profession and in addition to jewelry, I have worked with the manufacturing of knives and swords for the international collector’s market. For most of my professional life, I have been an entrepreneur. I also have done a lot of volunteer work in sports organizations and held positions of leader, project manager and chairperson. My technical skills as a goldsmith led me to APR Technologies in 2019, and in 2020 I became Sweden’s – and perhaps even the world’s – first certified microTIG welder (according to SS-ISO 24394).

During my first years at APR Technologies, I was active in the space department, where I mainly worked with process development and performing practical steps such as precision gluing and microTIG welding.


Describe your field of work and your role at APR Technologies.
My role at APR Technologies is as varied as my background. Right now I work as a project manager on a project for the Energy Agency within our battery department. The aim is to create a pilot line and build battery modules with our immersion cooling technology. Moving from innovation to production can be challenging. My role includes ensuring that we build our modules in a way that is both efficient and controllable, that the products are high quality, and that we use our expertise to build the best product possible.


What do you see as trends in your specific area right now? What will the development look like in the coming years?
The electric vehicle industry is still young. A lot is happening, and a lot will change over the next few years, both technically and politically. There will be stricter demands on the recyclability of battery packs, which are increasingly being discussed in the industry. When it comes to possibilities for efficient recycling, we are far ahead of many others in the industry, thanks to our investment in a module that can be easily dismantled into its various components during recycling.

Stationary energy storage and power peak shaving is another interesting area for our battery solution. I think a lot will happen in those areas in the near future!

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