Henrik Löfgren appointed new CTO of APR Technologies

Jan 24, 2023 | News | 0 comments

As part of APR Technologies’ development journey and ambition to reach new heights in 2023, we are pleased to welcome Henrik Löfgren as our new Chief Technology Officer. ”It will be extremely fun to take on this role, not least considering the exciting phase the company is in right now,” says Henrik.
Co-founder and former CTO Robert Thorslund moves on towards a more customer and future focused role in the company. “As a Chief Technology Evangelist, I can even further promote our unique technology and make it the new industry standard” says Robert.

After a successful 2022, with several new customers and contacts within all our field of business, our aim is to reach new heights in 2023. We start the new year with the exciting news that Henrik Löfgren has been appointed our new CTO from February 1st. With his solid experience and strong interest in electronics and computers, as well as education in computer engineering, we see Henrik as a great asset to the company.

Henrik Löfgren has worked at APR Technologies for more than four years as Senior Electronics Engineer and Test Manager, and in total, he has close to 15 years of experience in technology development.

”As CTO, I will mainly focus on the technical issues in our ongoing projects and ensure that the conditions are in place to meet the technical goals, in the form of competence, equipment and processes. I will also have a technical overview of ongoing projects to identify synergies between our various technology areas”, says Henrik Löfgren.

The trend calls for smaller products and higher performance

Henrik will also work on concepts for future projects and products together with new Chief Technology Evangelist Robert Thorslund, who will have a greater focus on prospective applications and customers’ future needs in his new role. Henrik looks to the days ahead with confidence.

”APR is in an exciting phase, as solutions in several technology areas are reaching a maturity where they can go from prototype to product. In the coming years, I believe we will see a change where production and delivery of products to customers will become a larger part of our business.” says Henrik Löfgren.

Since the current trend in sectors relevant to APR Technologies is for products to be smaller and have higher performance, Henrik sees great potential for the company’s development and market position.

”Prevailing trends in technology and electronics produce solutions that cause more heat to develop, while also making it harder to fit conventional cooling. This increases the need for the types of cooling solutions that APR Technologies develops. In addition, our technology enables new types of total solutions that can help our customers develop groundbreaking products that would otherwise not be possible, which I hope can lead to several interesting collaborations in the future.” says Robert Thorslund.

From development to product company

Although the market’s future looks bright, some challenges remain. According to Henrik, perhaps the main challenge for APR Technologies going forward is the transition from a development company to a product company, and Henrik believes that it is very important to ensure that the organization can handle the volume manufacture of products while maintaining the innovation-friendly environment within the company.

”We are well-prepared for that transition due to ongoing work with our quality management system and product structure, but much remains to be done. I have been through this process before and I believe and hope that my prior experience will be useful in this transition.” says Henrik Löfgren.

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